Advanced EMC Technologies Has the Best Spring Energized Teflon Seals!

Advanced EMC Technologies provides high-quality FlexforceTM springs, precision components, polymer seals, and bearings. Advanced EMC Technologies is built on real values and innovation. They work to provide improved solutions to engineering problems for their clients. They offer the Best Spring Energized Teflon Seals!

Areas of Focus Best Spring Energized PTFE Seals

Spring energized Teflon seals help in sealing during extreme temperatures, high pressure, and chemically inert static and dynamic sealing. The flexible, thin PTFE sealing jacket utilizes its spring design to apply outward pressure to the sealing element at low pressures.

An efficient spring energized PTFE seal is created as the system pressure increases enough to take over from the spring. This engages the shaft or bore. This grouping provides flexibility to the seal jacket. It also helps compensate for any jacket wear and tear, abnormalities, and hardware misalignments. This design is essential to ensuring proper seal performance.

Spring energized Teflon PTFE seals specific to your application offered includes:

  • High PV Seals
  • Cryogenic Seals
  • High-Temperature Seals
  • PTFE Seal Alloys with Fillers including:
    • PTFE Graphite
    • PTFE Polymide
    • PTFE Carbon
    • PPS PTFE
    • Rulon L
    • Rulon J
    • Rulon AR equivalents

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