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Ascend Construction in Tulsa, Ok is a metal building company that provides metal buildings, metal roofing, and metal siding. We are known for our metal buildings but we can build anything you want to be made out of metal. If its metal, we can build it!

Metal roofs are becoming very popular for many reasons. Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, lightweight, and require low to no maintenance at all. Our metal roofs look great too! They come in various colors or finishes including steel silver or painted white which are the most common choices due to their good looks. Metal roofs don’t rot or warp like wood shingle or composite roofs do – they won’t burn either so if your metal roof catches on fire, it will just burn metal.

Metal roofs are popular all over the United States in many states but metal siding is very popular in Oklahoma because of our weather extremes here – hot summers and extremely cold winters. If you want metal walls on your metal roof metal buildings, Ascend Construction in Tulsa, OK can help with that too! We work with metal panels that are mounted to a steel frame so they’re easy to install and also look great against the white-painted metal roof for an even more polished appearance.

These metal building kits can cover just about any structure you need them to include garages, barns, workshops, commercial buildings like office buildings or strip malls, warehouses, and even churches! Our metal buildings can be fabricated completely with all the space you need!


Areas of Focus

Ascend Construction Services specializes in  metal building construction in Tulsa along with other types of construction. Here are some of the services they offer:

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