Bio-One Tulsa’s Most Trusted Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup Company

Bio-One specializes in biohazard and crime scene cleanup. Bio-One works with local authorities and is trusted by local police to do an efficient job at cleaning up any blood, bodies, or contaminated items. In addition, Bio-One can work on a more private level to clean up rodent droppings, sewage, and houses used for hoarding. Sometimes when you are buying a home, selling your parent’s house, or cleaning up a business, you find biohazard waste or toxic waste that you can’t take care of yourself. This is where Bio-One comes in. They can take care of the mess so you can move on with your life.

Bio-Ones Area of Focus

Here are is a list of 12 services Bio-One provides

  1. Blood removal
  2. Suicide and homicide cleaning
  3. Hoarding cleanup
  4. Undiscovered death and body decomposition cleanup
  5. Biohazard and hazardous waste removal
  6. Emergency vehicle decontamination
  7. Rodent droppings cleanup
  8. Sewage and odor removal
  9. Feces/urine cleanup
  10. Mold remediation
  11. Tear gas cleanup
  12. Homeless encampment cleanup

How it Works

1. A call is made to one of the owners.
2.  One of the owners will contact you with the next steps
3. They schedule an exact time to come out and take care of the job.
4. Payment is addressed after cleanup

Bio-One focuses on compassion first. Many times, there are delicate situations and feelings involved. So Bio-One services first and requests payment second. That is their promise to you to be as thoughtful and efficient as possible.

How to Contact Bio-One

Phone Number



2608 W. Kenosha, Suite 502

Broken Arrow, OK 74012