Jombos Island Style Dispensary RX is South Tulsa’s Top Weed Dispensary!

Jombos Island Style Dispensary RX is an excellent South Tulsa Marijuana Dispensary. Jombos offers professionally-tested cannabis products and personalized, one-on-one service. Every customer will be able to schedule an appointment with one of Jombos’ experts who will create a plan to minimize pain and improve your health using their products. Unlike many other dispensaries, Jambos prioritizes your time. Instead of quickly recommending products, their specialists will take the time to learn more about your symptoms and situation. You will have a plan of action without needing to come back, again and again, to make adjustments until finding something that works. Life can be stressful. That stress can affect your life negatively. At Jombos, your mental health is a priority, too. Jombos and its team have a dedication to bringing the stress-free atmosphere of a coastal getaway right here to Tulsa. Jombos wants to see you healthier, both physically and mentally.

Jombos Island Time Dispensary RX will pairs quality products with quality service to ensure that you receive the best care. That’s why Jombos Island Style Dispensary RX is South Tulsa’s Marijuana Dispensary.


South South Tulsa Marijuana Dispensary

Areas of Focus

  • Professionally-tested cannabis products
  • One-on-one consultations with specialists
  • Stress-free atmosphere

If you’re interested in visiting or checking out Jombos’s excellent marijuana dispensary in South Tulsa, you can find their info below.

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Jombos Island Time Dispensary RX


6616 S Memorial Drive Tulsa, OK 74133