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The legal representation provided through OK Traffic Ticket Defense has helped countless residents of Oklahoma avoid a court date following their traffic violation. With a streamlined submission process on their website, https://www.oktrafficticket.com, OK Traffic Ticket Defense makes it simple to request legal assistance. Working with a traffic ticket lawyer to dispute your recent violation can minimize fines and reduce the permanent impact of your violation. 

Especially as a transportation professional, CDL traffic violations have the potential to ruin the future of your career. It is imperative that you work to remove your violation from your permanent record, allowing you to continue in the job that you love.

Whether you received a ticket for speeding or some other type of traffic citation, the team at OK Traffic Ticket Defense is ready to serve you! Keep reading to learn more about their services.

Areas of Focus

Oklahoma Traffic Ticket LawyerOK Traffic Ticket Defense provides legal representation for a wide variety of traffic violations. Listed below are just a few of the areas in which they specialize as a team of legal experts:

OK Traffic Ticket Defense Contact Information

You can learn more about OK Traffic Ticket Defense and their many legal services in Tulsa and the surrounding areas using the information listed below.


OK Traffic Ticket Defense

6440 S. Lewis Ave., Suite 100

Tulsa, OK 74136

(918) 488-8000



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