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Property Arts is an architecture design and construction firm serving Glenpool, OK. As the top Glenpool architect, Property Arts has been able to design stunning and functionals homes and other buildings. They don’t just serve Glenpool, but most of northeastern Oklahoma, western Arkansas, southwest Missouri, and Texas, and have been serving these areas since 1978. Property Arts is made up of a dedicated staff who will transform your ideas into reality. The team has a combined 125 years of experience, so you can guarantee they know what they’re doing. Property Arts works on numerous sorts of projects, from small interior remodels, custom homes, churches, public schools, and commercial buildings of any size.  Property Arts’ residential and commercial work is highly sought after by those looking to remodel or design a new home or business. Anything custom created by Property Arts is sure to stand out among the rest. Below is more information on Property Arts services.

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Areas of Service:

  • Custom Home Design
  • Office Buildings
  • Religious Buildings
  • Storm Shelters
  • Educational Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings

If you’re interested in hiring this amazing firm for your home or business remodel or even design and construction, you can find more info below.

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Property Arts Architecture

3220 W Lansing St
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
 (918) 893-5560