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Soul Choice Ministries is the home to Bill Wiese, who, on November 23rd, 1998, experienced something so horrific that it’s continued to fascinate the world. His 23 Minutes in Hell is a life-changing, out-of-body experience that he openly shares with others. He received a “vision” where he experienced the flames of hell, isolation, odor, cries of anguish, terrorizing demons, and the divine hand of God lifting him out of the pit of hell. This vision only lasted a total of 23 minutes, but the impact lasts forever.

From this experience, Bill decided to write a book on his vision and answer common questions people have about hell. Questions he covers in his book include:

  • Is hell a literal burning place?
  • Where is hell?
  • Do you have a body in hell?
  • Are there children in hell?
  • Has anyone in the Bible experienced hell?
  • Why should you believe the Bible?
  • Can demons torment people on Earth?
  • Can demons torment people in hell?

Areas of Focus

Here is a list of books and services provided by Soul Choice Ministries:

  • Books
    • 23 Minutes in Hell
    • Hell: Separate Truth From Fiction
    • 23 Questions About Hell
    • Recession-Proof Living
    • What Happens When I Die?
  • Services
    • Informational CDs and DVDs
    • Speaking Engagements (Conferences and Church Events)
    • Educations Blog
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