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When it comes to family law, the attorney you choose can make or break your case. It is important that you have an experienced lawyer by your side who truly understands and communicates all of the legal options available to you. A reliable connection between a client and their preferred attorney is key to achieving optimal outcomes, so seek out someone with whom you will feel confident discussing every aspect of your matter in depth.

At Kimberly Hays Law, our Tulsa family law firm provides superior legal services to those in and around the surrounding area. With years of experience under their belts, we can guarantee you will receive quality representation during any number of family-related court hearings. With our emphasis on emphatic client care and vigorous legal defense of your rights, you can rest assured that, with us by your side, the results will always be favorable. We provide comprehensive services from start to finish so that you and those closest to you are safe from any possible legal complications.

Kimberly Hays Law is devoted to helping clients navigate their legal concerns with sensitivity and privacy while providing dependable counsel in all of Tulsa’s courts. To ensure the highest level of service, we seek to bring a personal touch to each case by guiding you through every step of the process and being available whenever needed via phone or email.

Services Offered At Kimberly Hays Law:

  • Divorce
  • Custody Rights, Time-Sharing, and Child Support
  • Support alimony.
  • Asset Division and Debt Division
  • Protective Orders and Domestic Violence Issues

Kimberly, an experienced attorney in family law, is adept at providing top-notch counsel to her numerous clients. In addition to this important field of practice, she has also built upon her expertise by specializing in other key areas, such as:

  • Paternity Cases
  • “Contempt of Court” Cases
  • Premarital Agreement
  • Post Decree Modifications
  • Settlement Options
  • Temporary Orders

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