Bible Blast Has The Best Homeschool Bible Curriculum!

Bible Blast is parents’ first choice for homeschool Bible curriculum! Bible Blast specializes in helping parents to prepare the foundation of their children’s hearts. They have determined that doing this plants a seed in their heart and mind where faith can grow resulting in confident spirits ready to apply the Word of God. They know the importance of spiritual revolution at a young age and to accomplish this, kids need to come to know Jesus, not just know about Him. When you use Bible Blast, you know that the curriculum is intended to create a social, emotional, and spiritual environment. With that, they have specially crafted their curriculum so that you can complete Bible Blast with 4 and 12 year-olds together! Bible Blast is here to partner with you as a parent to create lifelong disciples of Jesus!

Bible Blast’s Areas of Focus

Bible Curriculum

Bible Blast has revolutionized homeschool Bible curriculum. Their curriculum has found a way to get kids excited about imparting the Word of God into their lives. Here are just a few of  Bible Blasts areas of focus:

  • Homeschool Bible curriculum designed for ages 4-12
  • Homeschool Bible Devotions
  • Homeschool Bible story reading 
  • Scripture memorization 
  • Teaching kids how to search scriptures
  • Imparting Biblical knowledge
  • Rewards-based system
  • Fast-paced learning

Learn More About Bible Blast

To find out more information on this one of a kind Bible curriculum for homeschooling, you can find their contact details below:




4405 West 88th Street, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74132


Don’t wait, start planting seeds of faith in your child’s heart today to begin growing an amazing spiritual foundation and creating lifelong disciples of Jesus!