Based in Tulsa, OK Bruner Lawfirm focuses on helping companies with personal acquisitions law and mergers. If you are thinking about merging your business and you are overwhelmed or unsure about how to get started, this Business Acquisitions Lawyer in Oklahoma City wants to help you every step of the way.

Oklahoma City Business Lawyer

Bruner Law will do all of the heavy-lifting by handling all aspects of selling, buying, and merging your companies. In addition, legal advice services and guidance will be provided with respect to whether to do an asset purchase or a share purchase, selling of real estate, or whether to create a partnership or joint venture. The entire team at Bruner Law is qualified, excellent and reliable no matter what case they are handling.

Areas Of Focus

Bruner Law is ready to assist you by providing a wide variety of services to help you figure out the legal issues that you may be dealing with. Some of the legal issues that Bruner Law is able to help you with are: