KSHSAA announces new summer moratorium

KSHSAA release

July 1-7, 2019 is the summer moratorium. There shall be NO school-related athletic activities.

During this time coaches (licensed teacher coaches and coach aides employed by member schools) shall be prohibited from engaging in any type of activity involving student athletes whether it be practice, training, weight lifting, conditioning, competition or travel. All member school athletic facilities will be closed during this period to school personnel and students grades 7-12.

If member school athletic facilities also serve as non-school community recreation facilities, these facilities may remain open during the moratorium so long as no school teams are playing and no school coaches are coaching the teams/individuals. During this one week dead period, students may attend camps or competitions but may not do so with their school coaches. This moratorium does not impact fine arts or spirit activities.

Rationale: The last few years there has been a growing concern within the KSHSAA membership that students and coaches were not being able to have time to themselves during the summer. It was surveyed and discussed at the October Regional Board of Director Meeting in 2017 and then voted on at the April, 2018 KSHSAA Board of Director’s meeting to establish a rule to allow students and coaches aweek off during the summer.


-COACHES MAY take a vacation.

-COACHES MAY coach their own child on an individual basis.

-SCHOOL COACHES MAY NOT work with middle/high school (7-12) students during this time frame.

-COACHES MAY NOT SWAP TEAMS with another school coach (boys/girls, other school team). A coach from another school cannot coach your school team. Coaches from another sport entirely cannot coachanother sport’s team.

-NO SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION is permitted including the school coach providing personal transportation to students from their school team.

-SCHOOL FACILITIES MUST be closed to any school coach and students. EXCEPTION (SEE BELOW) -STUDENTS MAY BE PERMITTED to participate in events/competitions at a school facility if an outside agency/group/organization leases the facility for competition and organizes the event.

-STUDENTS MAY compete during this time but they cannot be coached by a school coach. -No team camps.

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