Integrity Pool Service Provides the Best Pool Repair in Jenks, OK.

Integrity Pool Service is owned and operated by Chance Johnson. This is a pool service providing maintenance and repair to the larger Tulsa metropolitan area. Backyard pools are popular in this part of the country known for their hot and humid summers. There’s nothing better than cooling down in a pool on a hot summer’s day.

It’s important to have a company you can trust with providing pool repairs. There are many components in a pool that need to function in order to keep the pool clean and provide a safe place to swim. The repair technician must be familiar with pool systems and components so that they can properly repair the pool. When you hire Integrity Pool Service, you are getting an experienced and reliable service. With over 13 years of experience, Integrity Pool Service has maintained and repaired many different types of pools.

Areas of Focus

Integrity Pool Service provides pool maintenance all year round. Even in the winter months, your pool should receive routine maintenance to ensure that it is working properly. Don’t wait until you want to swim to figure out your pool is broken; by hiring Integrity Pool Service to weekly clean and check your pool during the winter, you can trust in knowing that it will be ready for the swimming season.

Here are the areas of focus for Integrity Pool Service:

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Routine Pool Maintenance
  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Chemistry


If you need help maintaining and repairing your pool, contact Integrity Pool Service today. Enjoy the benefits of your pool while letting someone else handle the hard work. Pools are meant to be used for relaxing and having fun!

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