Robert Moore Construction is the Best Roofing Business in Tulsa.

Robert Moore Construction is a trusted roofing business in Tulsa, OK. With nearly twenty years of experience installing and repairing roofs, Robert Moore Construction provides premier construction services. They primarily focus on bettering the exterior of your home. Not only does this make your house look great, but it also protects the structural integrity of your house.

Robert Moore Construction is owned and operated by Robert Moore and it serves the Tulsa metropolitan area. Everyone who lives in Oklahoma and in Tulsa has experienced severe weather at one point or another. Tulsa often suffers from tornadoes, severe storms, hail, and flooding. If you live in this area for any length of time, you’ll more than likely experience storm damage at some point.

One focus of Robert Moore Construction is to help you recover from storm damage. Storm damage can have major effects on your home, like siding getting blown away and roofs being severely damaged. It can also cause damage to your home that you can’t visually see. hail can crack shingles and cause significant water leaks into your attic. Robert Moore Construction provides free inspections of the exterior to your home to see whether or not your house has storm damage.

Areas of Focus

Robert Moore Construction focuses on exterior home services. The exterior fixtures of your home all play a role in keeping your home and family safe from the elements. Siding protects the structure of the home from water and wind. A roof protects the contents of the home as well as playing an integral role in the integrity of your home. Lastly, gutters work to move water away from your home so that it can’t be damaged by water. Robert Moore Construction wants to ensure your house and family will be protected and safe during a storm.

Here is a list of their services:

  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Replacement
  • Vinyl Siding Installation
  • Gutter Installation.


If you need one of these services, contact Robert Moore Construction today.

Contact Information

Robert Moore Construction

4734 S. 179TH EAST AVE, TULSA, OK 74134