NJCAA Forward campaign launches


As the impact of COVID-19 continues to create a void in our daily lives– a time where spring sports seasons have been reduced to social distancing, we seek to find a way to create a new normal, a new opportunity to flourish.

As an association, the NJCAA will continue to thrive together. To do this collectively, the association is launching a nation-wide campaign – NJCAA Forward, a unified social media endeavor that seeks to showcase how two-year colleges are progressing through this uncertain time period of our lives. The second largest collegiate athletic association in the United States, the NJCAA’s 500-plus member colleges, 60,000 student-athletes, and infinite number of fans will rally together during these trying times to show how the NJCAA is moving forward, together.

Throughout the campaign, NJCAA members will showcase their initiatives of how they are moving their departments and programs forward – whether it be through virtual team and staff meetings, daily inspirational messages, best practices, or collaborating with their teams and other member colleges. Student-athletes are strongly encouraged to show their resourcefulness on how they are staying focused during this time – home study sessions, in-home workouts, connecting with teammates, and more. The NJCAA will host a series of webinars designated for a number of topics throughout the duration of the campaign.

“I have always said the power of the NJCAA is its people and now is more important than ever for the people of the NJCAA to bond together to support everyone in the organization,” stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President and CEO. Together we can all move forward to continue to strengthen the NJCAA in all aspects.”

To take part in this unified effort, the social media hashtag #NJCAAForward will be the symbol of the campaign. A number of templates included for specific social media platforms to utilize throughout the duration of the campaign can be found in the NJCAA Forward Marketing Toolkit.

Separated not by choice, as a member of the NJCAA, we will embark on a mission to move forward. We are strong, focused, and together.

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